Real Estate Agents

Agents with clients that are burnt-out landlords looking for properties without management headaches don’t have much (or anything) by way of options. TIC properties provide the benefits of investment-grade, net-lease property with strong corporate tenants to 1031 exchangors (or cash investors) with as little as $50k. We offer Realtors and commercial agents a full commission while helping them and their clients evaluate the suitability of tenant-in-common investments.  Most agents (and clients) are not aware of TICs, their benefits, and when they’re a good fit. Because of this we typically work with real estate agents in a myriad of ways:

  1. Work alongside the agent. One of our advisors will happily to step in and work with both the client and the agent to review the ins and outs of TICs.
  2. Work in a supportive role. Agents can work with their client as normal, having one of our advisors available for support to answer questions and provide any necessary level of support.
  3. Work directly with the client. With a Referral Agreement (as would be in every case regardless of our level involvement) in place between Realtynet and the agent, we can work directly with the client without the assistance of the agent.
  4. Independent Agents. We provide the opportunity for experienced agents that have become familiar enough with our TIC properties to not only work with their clients without our aid, but also to recruit other agents in their office to receive an override on any business their colleagues bring.

As Utah’s first TIC sponsor, Realtynet Advisors has been part of the TIC industry for over a 15 years, and have succeeded by partnering with service professionals in multiple industries; compensating them fairly for their assistance. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and your clients.

Qualified Intermediary Services

Realtynet has been part of the 1031 exchange industry for over 20 years and recognizes that most of our clients are investing funds from a 1031 exchange. In order to provide an even smoother 1031 process we partnered with 1031 Exchange Place to offer 1031 Qualified Intermediary services to our partners and clients. We also provide agents a $100 referral fee.