IRAs and Pension Plans

Investing in Real Estate in Your Retirement Plan

With lower interest rates on fixed-income investments, and a volatile stock market, many individuals and companies are seeking alternative investments for their retirement plans. Realtynet invites you to consider investing in debt-free real estate for your IRA, Keogh, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, or Defined Benefit Plan. With a Realtynet property, you can add real diversification to your portfolio by adding a debt-free, TIC property with as little as $50,000.

Check with your IRA custodians to see if they allow self direction and direct ownership in real estate. If your custodian is not able to manage a Realtynet , you may want to do a tax-free, trustee-to-trustee transfer of your IRA to a self-directed IRA. We’ve included links to independent, unrelated custodial organizations who specialize in truly self-directed IRA investments. Realtynet Advisors is not affiliated in any fashion with these service providers and does not guarantee or warranty their services.