Undivided Interest

Ready to simplify your real estate? We got you.

Since 2003, Realtynet Advisors has made it possible for anyone to invest in commercial real estate and enjoy the benefits, stability, and secure monthly income provided by investment-grade properties. 

Our Properties

Owned/Offered Debt-Free
Long-Term Leases
Fortune 500 Tenants
No Landlord Responsibilities
Corporate Guaranteed Leases
No Closing Costs
Quick & Simple Process

Easy Income

Reliable Monthly Income
Monthly Rent Disbursements
Rent via Direct-Deposit
Depreciable Rental Income
Diversify w/ $50k Minimums
Non-Accredited Investors
Defer Capital Gains via 1031

A Simpler Way

Whether you’re a burned-out landlord or a landowner looking for cashflow, most aren’t sure where to turn in their search for secure monthly income. Since 2003, Realtynet Advisors has provided a simplified solution for investors 1031 exchanges. Realtynet Advisors researches and acquires ‘investment-grade’ properties and makes them available to any investor for as little as $50k. Owners then receive immediate cashflow via rent payments from their Fortune 500 tenant. These rents are guaranteed by the tenant through the term of the long-term lease. The tenant also pays the taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance – allowing owners the ability to receive secure monthly income – without the landlord responsibilities. 

1031 Solution

Our properties are perfect for 1031 exchanges. They are immediately available and ready to close in as little as 1-2 days! They are a great backup identification in case your primary option falls through. We can match your 1031 proceeds to the penny – leaving you no leftover tax liability. Going to be exchanging? Learn about our no-cost exchange services. 

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