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It’s time to let your property do the work

Finding the ideal real estate investment may be a difficult proposition, especially if you’re a small investor, but Realtynet Advisors makes it simple. We’ve specialized in 1031 investment properties of all types that provide secure monthly income.  Our comprehensive approach is matched by very few in the industry. We then present you with the most viable options to meet your objectives.

One Place – More Solutions

Realtynet makes it possible for the any investor to own investment grade real estate no matter the size of their exchange or net worth. Whether selling a rental and tired of the headache or selling raw land to a developer, most 1031 exchangers are seeking properties that generate a secure monthly income. The most common methods of finding such properties are to either work with a real estate agent to find Net Lease property or with a securities rep to purchase a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). The challenge is that each will only show clients one or the other. Realtynet Advisors team has decades of experience working on both sides and this allows us to provide clients with exclusive options for commercial real estate by the whole, Tenants-In-Common (TIC) investments, and DST’s  – all under one roof.

How do we do it? We do this by leveraging an extensive list of unlisted Net Lease properties that is updated daily, our long-standing relationships with the nation’s few real estate TIC sponsors,  as well as access to all available DST’s.

Our own deals…We also maintain relationships with credit worthy, financially stable corporations like O’Reilly Auto & Family Dollar, and allows us to offer high quality properties at market price. Because we invest millions of dollars in the purchase and resale of our properties, every property we purchase must pass a strict series of financial and physical assessments. After a series of internal and independent audits, Realtynet selects those properties with the highest return potential and the most financially sound tenants.

TIC’s, DST’s, and Commercial Properties by the whole all offer their own distinct advantages. Low investment minimums that are often available allow us to strategically use each of them to your benefit. Satisfying 1031 exchange boot would be one simple example of using a combination of investments in a single 1031 exchange.

Call 1-800-USA-1031 for a free consultation to see how we can best help you make the most of your 1031 exchange.

Ask Us About Free 1031 Exchange Services

One of the benefits of working with Realtynet Advisors on your replacement property is that you’ll likely qualify for FREE 1031 exchange services. If you haven’t closed on your relinquished property yet, then ask us how!